Anita Walling

One-of-a-kind porcelain pinch pots that are delicate and organic

Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Sundays 11am-5pm
EcoDepot Marketplace
408 Depot Street

Anita’s porcelain pinch pots combine the directness of pinching, the refinement of porcelain with the inspiration of the imperfect perfection of the botanical world. She loves the juxtaposition of the organic, earthy quality of the pinching technique with the elegance and refinement of porcelain.

Often she uses leaves she collects, presses into the clay, cuts out and appliques onto the pots. The leaves burn off in the first firing leaving their singular impression.

Each piece is individually designed and crafted to hold an energy of aliveness compassion and possibility. These prayer pots will amplify what you put in them—a wish, prayer or an intention. She hopes they will stir your heart and remind you of your divine nature.