Anne Jerman

Wheel thrown, altered, and hand built pottery

Open Tues-Sat 11-5
Odyssey Center For Ceramic Arts
238 Clingman Ave

[email protected]

A passion to express has led me to many creative projects throughout the years. I’ve now rediscovered clay after having played with photography, theatre, music, costume design, acting for stage and screen and life modeling.

Nature, as life, is organized and yet imperfect. My conversations with clay encourage these imperfections into form and function. I like to dig into the meat of the moment by using a gritty clay for making slabs and “rough coils”. Textures from trunks of trees to the flow of underwater life emerge.

Much of my work uses my own version of a copper/verdigris glaze as well as other glazes that accentuate the lumps, bumps and imperfections of the finished surface.

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