Pamella OConnor, Hanji Home’s Botanical Illuminations

Flower lamps created from acetate, paper, natural wood, handmade rocks and more.

Mon-Sat 11 to 5, Sun 1-5
362 Depot Street
[email protected]

Pamella was a theatre artist for 35 years. She moved to Asheville in 1996 to create original works through the art of puppetry. She enjoyed performing at The Kennedy Center, Spoleto U.S.A, Duke Performances, UCLA, and many more. It was through puppetry that she discovered the joy of ‘making’.

In 2008, Pamella took a break from her life as a touring puppeteer and accepted a teaching job in S. Korea. While there, she studied their cultural tradition of Hanji (handmade paper) decor. It was her love of subtle lighting that led to her focusing on lamps.

Pamella became a Merit Award recipient for the Buyers Market of American Craft, 2012 which catapulted her lamps into the national fine arts scene.