David Lookingbill

Jewelry, Warm Glass, Metals

Open Mon-Sat 11–5 or later
Desert Moon Designs Studios
372 Depot Street, Suite 44


While contemporary life is full of stress, anxiety and contrasts, in my work I seek harmony. I strive to create beautiful organic adornments exude happiness. My creations exude earth, water, and sky; soul, body, and mind. Floating between my Cherokee and Scottish heritage creates imaginary spaces and symbolism.

It is important not to rush, but rather I try to retain the initial feeling, looking at my scribbled sticky to retain the initial feeling that inspires the birth of a particular design.

I work in several mediums whether it is glass, metals, stones, gems or creating patterns in precious metal clay. Layers of design provide endless opportunities for one of kind large scale and small collectible works of art.

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