Olivia de Soria

Handcrafted kinetic jewelry rendered from skilled riveting and forging techniques.

Monday-Saturday 11-5pm
Hatchery Studios, #111
1 Roberts Street


A celebrated jeweler working out of Asheville North Carolina, Olivia de Soria creates art-jewelry with a sculptural flare. An undergraduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Olivia received a BFA in the metal-smithing program. Olivia is fascinated by the industrial world and integrates mechanical structures and movement into her work. Organic shapes are stylistically rendered through the innovative use of forging techniques. Industrial mechanisms accentuate the sensuality of the jewelry, which is achieved with highly practiced riveting skills. Moving parts define her work and give the jewelry a new and playful function to entice the wearer.

Half Moons Necklace, Oxidized SilverBatwing Earrings, Oxidized Silver