Bridget Benton

Encaustic featuring original photography and nature printing – workshops, too!

Mon-Sat 11-5, Winter 12-4
Riverview Station, 310 Art
191 Lyman Street

Bridget Benton has worked and taught in a variety of creative mediums since 1988 including photography, printmaking, collage, and reclaimed materials.

In 2006, Benton was drawn to encaustic as a way of layering photography, nature prints, and other materials in a way that was both warm and nuanced. In her work, Benton uses unusual juxtapositions of objects, symbols, and materials to explore themes of home, connection, belonging and memory. Benton’s passion as a teacher is helping people discover and develop their own creative voice. Her award-winning book, The Creative Conversation: ArtMaking as Playful Prayer, is a guide to more joyful and intuitive artmaking. Bridget Benton holds a BA in Studio Art and an MS in Creative Studies.

Planting So The Heart Will Grow, encaustic and mixed media, 24"x24" And Then She Quit, encaustic and mixed media, 24"x21"