Constance Vlahoulis, The Conn-Artist Studio

Mixed Media Painter

Sat 11-4 + Gallery open most afternoons. Call for appointment.
Riverview Station
191 Lyman Street, Studio 101 (South End)


Mixed Media Painting is Constance’s current focus as she captures her personal Carolina Moments in Oil and mixed media collage on canvas and wood panels. Using found and painted papers, often whimsy prevails and her lighthearted nature is joyfully revealed in her art. She says, “I paint where I have been, what I know, or out of my imagination. I like to work in a colorful semi-representational way, inspired literally by a single moment that moves me.

Conceptual commissions are a fun challenge for Constance. One of her favorite endeavors outside the studio is to help people curate their own art collections. “Constance changed my life!” has been the best and most frequent comment she receives from her clients who have used this service.

With Art and Life, she explains, “It’s all about our precious connections, with nature, our family, our friends, It’s my job to connect the dots and create collectable visions about our shared life experiences.

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