Diane English, The Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Co. 1

Painting, mixed media and digital

Wed-Fri 11-5 Some Sat 12-3
375 Depot Street
Suite 104


I am a self-taught artist who threw caution to the wind to follow my dream of combining art with a spiritual path. My dream has come true. I sell my original designs internationally in bookstores and galleries as greeting cards and prints. And after years of deep meditation & a few bottles of Merlot I gained the secret to Enlightenment…being in the “Now” with some rich, dark chocolate. So grab a piece of chocolate and visit me at my studio in Asheville and neighboring galaxies.

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One thought on “Diane English, The Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Co.

  • Martha Quinn

    Just bought a magnet of your design…… love it: Conversations with God

    I thought you’d be taller

    Laughed out loud in the store
    Down to a big smile now
    When I think about it
    Several times a day!