Anne K. Allen

Soft pastel on sanded card

Mo-Sa 11-5, Winter 12-4
Riverview Station, 310 Art
191 Lyman Street, ground floor north end
Anne Allen is a Western North Carolina pastel artist drawing her inspiration from flowers, trees nature and music. Her artistic process began in Michigan surrounded by gardens, fine art and classical music. Following a career in the performing arts she began painting in pastel.

Allen exhibits her work in regional shows, including the Southwest Florida Pastel Society, The Art League of Bonita Springs and the Appalachian Pastel Society. She is a participating member and serves on the board of directors of the Appalachian Pastel Society. Allen’s pastel paintings are exhibited at 310Art, 191 Lyman Street, River Arts District in Asheville, NC and The Mahogany House in Waynesville, NC.

SonataWhen Gardens Dance

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