Bet Kindley

Encaustic painting and fine art photography

11-5 Mon. thru Sat./ Winter 12-4
Riverview Station, 310 Art
191 Lyman Street
[email protected]

My latest encaustic paintings, the “Black Diamond” series, are collagraphs printed using encaustic plates. Layers of smooth, clear wax enhance the depth of these contemporary mountain landscape and map-like abstracts.

I strive to capture the beauty and culture of our region in my photography—“famous” banjos and country stores, sunflowers and lake reflections, trains, roads and open doors. These images are part of my life growing up in Asheville/WNC.

Bet taught digital technologies at the high school level and now enjoys teaching encaustic painting classes at 310 Art in Riverview Station.

Sunset On SugarTom's Famous Banjo

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