Cheyenne Trunnell

Ethereal Landscape Paintings – Acrylic Paint, Pencil & Watercolor Pastels

By Appointment or Chance
The Wedge Studios
129 Roberts St- 2A

Painting has always been a spiritual journey for me – a space to explore the breath of the spirit and depict its ever present indwelling of truth. Each painting seeks to capture the essence of truth through elements of nature, by exploring the relationship between light and form.

After graduating with my Masters in Art Therapy from George Washington University, my work began to focus on the correlation between the healing aspect of art and nature. Upon my grandfather’s death, my passion deepened for creating art that would soothe the tattered soul. My prayers is that you will find a sense of hope and peace within my work.

To see my process of painting and have a more in depth view of the meaning behind my art…click here to see my video

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