Erin Keane

Encaustic + Journals

Mon-Sat 11-5, Winter 12-4
Riverview Station, 310 Art
191 Lyman Street

“I am an encaustic artist and bookbinder, smitten with beeswax and bindings. My current direction in encaustic is driven by a daily photography practice, capturing abstraction within ordinary objects and elasticity of light as it dances around shadow and reflection. My imagery aims to convey a feeling of hushing and holding, peace and tranquility, and awe with our surrounding beauty.

For years, encaustic and bookbinding were separate entities in my life – the art and the craft, the experimental and the meditative – and I craved a convergence. My encaustic journals are designed to honor the blank book as an art form and as a vessel of possibilities.”

"Intervals of Silence" Book Sculpture, 12x12x8 in."Written on Water" Encaustic, 40x40 in.

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