Jean Ryan

encaustic artist

Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Sundays 11am-5pm
EcoDepot Marketplace
408 Depot Street
(828) 803-9506

I often find my inspiration in nature. Not the reality of it, but the feeling. I do not always start out with a definite image in mind, but a mood; choosing colors accordingly and allowing the medium to have a voice in the process. My favored approach is to paint 10-15 layers of color to establish a base, then scrape or carve to reveal previous colors. I add to the design with more color or texture. Encaustic is a wonderful medium for collage allowing for a glimpse into history or a comment on current events. It is a seductive medium with luminous color and a surface that invites you to touch and come under its spell.

Flower Power, Encaustic - 16 x24"

Rhapsody In Blue, Encaustic - 12x22"