Jeff Pittman

Vibrant Oil Paintings

Mon-Sat 11 to 5, Sun 1-5
362 Depot Street
[email protected]

Residing in the beautiful mountains of Asheville North Carolina, Jeff Pittman is never short on inspiration for his colorful oil paintings. He is primarily known for his dramatic skies, panoramic mountain vistas, and small town street scenes of Western NC. Born in Greenville, NC, Jeff grew up observing his father paint rural scenes of eastern and coastal North Carolina. He has taken the artistic impressions he learned early on and applied them to his colorful landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes. “I strive to capture the scene in bold, expressive colors that represent the different views of North Carolina as I see it and particularly enjoy the play of light against the downtown buildings, and the ever changing color in the skies and mountain ridges that surround us here. My goals is not to present my art as realistic, but rather to cast a unique light on my subject as I commit it to canvas to share with others.”

Down PattonStreaking Sky over Cold Mountain

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