Tessa Lang

Contemporary Fine Art Painter


Monday-Saturday 11-5pm
The Wedge, 129 Roberts Street
1st Floor, streetside

[email protected]

Bio: Tessa began showing and selling work while living in Tokyo. Her first exhibition was all oil painted and non-representational. As she continues to explore different styles and mediums (oil bar and ink), her paintings have taken a huge transformation, and her unique abstract style is electrifying. Art is her means of self-expression, and she encourages viewers to interpret each piece for themselves.

Statement: My paintings are my mind and soul on a canvas. They embody freedom, eccentricity, and exuberance; the traits of my youth. The process is extremely intense: a flurry of mental energy and physicality. My ambition and passion lead to a variety of media and technique that delivers the clients’ and my vision.

Ink, Oil, and Oil Bar create Tessa’s abstract contemporary paintings.

The Duel 48" by 60" Ink and Pebeo on CanvasCharles the Chameleon 48" by 60" Ink and Pebeo on Canvas