Lynda Sondles

Art quilts, mixed media collages, hand-painted silk scarves

Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Sundays 11am-5pm
EcoDepot Marketplace
408 Depot Street
[email protected]

Lynda Sondles is a multi-media artist whose work has been a journey from stylized Japanese sumi-e painting to stained glass, pastel drawing and painting, to basketry, quilting and fiber art. If she had to use only one word to describe her art, it would be color. She loves color. She loves to make beautiful, colorful things – drawings, paintings, baskets, quilts, silk scarves. Color is the essence of her work. It defines, shapes, inspires, draws and pulls her into a timeless space of exploration and celebration of art, life, God and creation/creativity.

The Journey II, Fabric Collage, 9" x 12"Blue Ridge Parkway II, Art quilt, 16" x 40"