Matt Tommey, Sculptural Art Baskets by Matt Tommey 2

Sculptural Art Baskets

Open Tues-Sat 10-4 or by appt
Riverview Station, #160
191 Lyman Street, ground floor
[email protected]

My handcrafted baskets are a whimsical collaboration of traditional weaving techniques, vines, bark and recycled metal. My most recent work focuses on the use of a wide variety of southeastern invasive species, encaustic wax, clay and recycled metal in the creation of sculptural art vessels. Every basket begins with a walk in the woods. I pay close attention to the materials I choose while harvesting to ensure the most unique design features. My artistic voice centers around the ability to speak the language of natural materials. By responding to nature and incorporating many different materials, I am able to create one-of-a-kind sculptural creations that merge my contemporary style and love for movement with the simple beauty of nature.

Sculptural Art BasketsKudzu, Honeysuckle, Bark and Wisteria.

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