Hand painted silk scarves and beaded earrings.

Open Mon-Sat 10-6 Winter Hours 10-4
Riverview Station, The Village Potters Gallery Studios & Teaching Center
North Entrance Ground Floor Suite #180


My hand painted silk scarves are wearable art. Each one begins as a passionate dance between colored dyes and water at the end of my brush, with the stretched silk as their dance floor. They blend and move around the silk creating beautiful patterns and fusions of color, allowing the medium to be itself, and not forcing it. Some batik is used to create texture and highlights of silk. It can be fun to play around with tying it in different ways, since one will see different colors and patterns each time it’s turned and draped. I love that the creative energy I put in to each piece is carried through the daily life of the wearer.

I truly believe that what you wear affects your mood. A favorite color can brighten your spirit, or a sentimental item can evoke memories of a past experience. I hope that my scarves will be treasured; a “go to” item that brings joy and individuality.

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