Barbara Francois is an abstract artist and Ohio native. A self-taught artist, she started painting at sixty after being inspired by the energy of Australian Aboriginal Art. She has lived in various places in the United States and two islands in the Eastern Caribbean. Several years ago, she “retired” to Black Mountain, North Carolina where she maintains a home studio. Barbara has had several exhibitions in both Ohio and North Carolina and currently shows her work at the Swannanoa Valley Fine Arts League in Black Mountain, Arrowhead Gallery in Old Fort and Trackside Gallery in the River Arts District in Asheville.

I have always been an art appreciator, and was one of many people who thought they could never be an artist. Viewing an exhibit of Australian Aboriginal Art changed that. It sparked a desire to produce original expressions of energetic textural patterns. I use heavy body acrylic paints as my medium applied to the canvas by various sizes of wooden dowels. After choosing a color palette, I occasionally plan an outcome for a painting, but more often, I allow the painting to speak to me and evolve intuitively. My distinct style of blending dots into rivers of energy and waves of textural color invites an interaction with the paintings and the desire to look closely to see if they are textiles.