The hand-built clay artworks I create are expressions of my joyful relationship with the natural world; animals, birds, owls, horses. and two-legged humans. The natural world is filled with wonders, curiosities, teachers, beauty; all revelations of the Divine Mystery. Beauty is the sacred made visible.

Working with clay, fire, and dreams, my artwork is the practice of perceiving the sacred in the moment and honoring that truth, bringing sacred dreams from the mystery into the literal world. As I work with clay, co-creating with the wet earth, I watch the piece come into being. This feels magical; I leave the marks of this exciting process visible in the texture of the surface of the artwork. I layer onto the surface colorful underglazes or slip.

The piece is fired several times. Underglazes, while permanent, have a soft matte finish allowing the texture of the clay and the forming process to remain visible. I am grateful to have been working with clay in this way for 29 years.