The movement of clay through my hands carries the feeling of gliding and carving through waves along the Southern California coastline. I found clay not through a surfer's lifestyle, but while earning a bachelors degree in buisiness. And after 24 years in the banking industry, I began new dialogues with God, and was led to take a journey of faith, letting go of the illusions of security I clung to - my job, my family home, my 401k - and replace them with a new journey of faith and discovery pursuing the ceramic arts in Asheville, North Carolina. Studying under Sarah Wells Rolland and residents at The Village Potters Clay Center, I began to find my voice in clay as an emerging ceramic artist and am developing a unique body of work which celebrates color, sandy beaches and the human form. I live in Asheville, North Carolina and with my wife and two young children and create vibrant and refined functional and decorative ceramic work for the home or business.