Throughout my life, I have felt compelled to create works of art.
My muse has always been been born of a great desire to capture a moment in time on canvas or paper. Inspiration needs an outlet to reach its potential and it doesn't stop just there. Truly, who knows how far it travels?
Art is meant to go from mind to mind, heart to heart, from experience to re-experience. My art was always meant to be our shared connection.

I also curate art shows, peoples homes, offices and studios. I love to help people change their environment to be more functional, fun, and inspiring!
Through the years, in particular since 2006 when I created The Conn-Artist Studios & Company, my muse was helping other artists reach their own artistic goals.
All the years ended up being my training and confidence builder. I still do that under my curation umbrella of services on a one-to-one basis. My 2019 plan is to do more of that in a group community setting.

To close this little bio. folks always ask me what kind of artist I am. I never know quite how to answer that other than to say I am a painter. I mostly use oils, acrylics, papers, and now am experimenting with written words over impressionistic skies and scenes.

Everything inspires me~ literally everything. ART=LIFE.
I strive to Make My Life a Masterpiece, A Work of Art.