Wolfsong Ceramics grew out of the heart and hands of Jillian Wolf through 20 years of exploration in functional pottery and sculpture. When you purchase a piece of her work because it “sings” to you, the song is also about you. The attributes of a piece that attract you to it are the attributes of your own creativity as you connect with the process of bringing a shared expression of natural beauty to the world.

"Each piece, or song, begins with a walk in the wild, a moving meditation during which I ground and center. There I listen to the music as played by leaves, lichen, pods, pebbles and so on … nature, and a knowing of it through all six senses. While some of these woodland elements may be incorporated into the work I do that day, I might also be inspired by memories of crystal formations in a cave, the bend of a dry creek bed, or the repetitive patterns on the back of a zebra. My favorite pieces are those that seem to create themselves. They have an energy all their own and draw me into a process I have little control over. I choose a path that appeals to me at the time and follow it through to its natural conclusion…more as an appreciative spectator than composer."

Jillian's current work (pictured above) involves a print process that creates a surface reminiscent of something aged and worn, left without care, a message about the need to preserve the elements of nature that are so precious to us. Nature as a whole is the song of life, and without it we would cease to exist. Open your heart, feel the clay in your hands, and sing!