I'm an artist collaborating with nature to create images & improve the energy and ambience of interiors with unique image printings, lampshades, etc… By curating fine papers & lovely botanics I can transform your lighting with a combination of sweet techniques, unique hardware & natural selections & printing my images on papers & surfaces selected especially for the image. I'll use silk, embossed cottons, mulberry, canvas or even metal transfer,

I enjoy creating sacred spaces & lighting is always key. I've created a line of lampshades with real botanics, papers & silks that can be used to transform an existing lamp or used as a pendant or even to sit peacefully in the corner of the room on a table or floor as just a luminary or an accent of ambience.

I also provide gallery wall space for a few other artists; Shelley DeBlase, Painter and mixed media artist, Ken Allen, porcelain copper and wood grandfather clock artist, Carol Armstrong, acrylic painting artist from Black Mountain, Donna Davis, oil, acrylic & watercolor painting artist also from Black Mountain & Sophie Stratyner, natural dyed fabrics artist from Brooklyn NY