I enjoy creating images & printing on select papers & surfaces… sometimes I find a paper that resonates specifically for an image I already have created… sometimes I create an image & look for a paper or other surface sometimes silk or canvas or metal, that totally calls out to me as a good fit. Also ~I enjoy creating sacred spaces & lighting is always key. I've created a line of Lampshades with real botanics, papers & silks that can be used to transform an existing lamp or used as a pendant or even to sit peacefully in the corner of the room on a table or floor as just a luminary or an accent of ambience.

I've dabbled in dozens of forms of art since the mid 1970's... my degree is in photography, so I constantly need to remind myself to FOCUS ~ narrowing it down to 3! Triple Vision it is.

I love all forms of art & music ~ art can sing & music can paint colors. Inspiration is everywhere & I like to shine a light on it when I can.