I am a self taught visual contemporary artist whose passion for art has been influenced by the combination of my life experiences, the great master painters intricate use of detail, and the explosive colors and style of contemporary artists.
My works are driven by an incredible passion for self-expression with intense use of color and detail with the goal of capturing the viewer and allowing my simple subjects to become energetic interpretations. I paint with acrylics using brush and/or pallet knife and/or mixed media collage with the intention of blurring the boundaries between the medias. The bold saturated colors tell the story and the effects of using a pallet knife and collage adds the dramatic texture, dimension and layers that best define and characterize my paintings. My goal is to reflect a fun special aesthetics, and a style that blends realism with modernism. My paintings have no limits and display both beauty and emotion as well as diverse subjects and cultures.

I currently lives in Asheville

My paintings include portraiture, figures, and cityscapes.

Exhibited: Art Fusion Gallery Miami

Currently Exhibiting at the Marquee in The River Arts District Asheville