I consider myself to be an interpretive realist. Though I often paint and draw from life, still-life, landscape and the figure - I strive to find something more through the search than a mere transcription of the image. My Monotypes are often informed by my paintings and family photos, but the process always holds the compelling essentials of immediacy and surprise. Monotypes offer opportunities for fresh discoveries and somehow, establish a more concrete, yet expansive link to nature. The process requires the artist to work in reverse, and in so doing, one depends still further upon an inner vision to come to the fore – striving for the marks, channeling experiences - in the end, memory and intuition reign.
Current Affiliations: Now an artist in residence at the Asheville Print Studio where Denise Markbreit and I will be engaged in non-toxic mono-printing and monotypes.
Education: MFA, New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture; MACD, The University of the Arts, London - Central St Martins College of Art & Design
My work can be found in collections in the US, The Netherlands, Spain and Great Britain.