My work reflects my rural mountain upbringing as I combine human faces with flowing natural skylines. I pull images from nature as I set up a playground of line against color and shape against space. I am also influenced by every artist with whose work I come in contact. I am inspired by my Christian faith, by my students, by my family, and by everything I see and feel. I know where I came from, but artistically, I never quite know where I’m going.
My paintings tell stories. These are frequently of women who strengthen themselves and everyone around them. They are also sometimes of organic forms – flowers or seed pods which symbolize our human journey. I am an artist who is a poet and a writer who is a visual artist. There is sometimes not a clear line where one leaves off and the other begins. The asymmetrical silhouette of mountains and the intense seasonal colors of woodlands and gardens combine with human emotions to pulse through me and onto the canvas and the page.