My aspiration is that you see something of your journeys and experiences in my photography. I love to travel and see the natural world. I hope my work inspires you to seek that out as well. I strive to represent in a picture the emotion you had at that spectacular moment so you can relive that feeling when you look at it on your wall.

There is beauty in the places that all of us visit in our travels and splendor in our everyday environment. To show that on the canvas often requires finding the right time of day, the right weather, the right expression, and sometimes just a lot of work.

I have been an avid photographer for over 17 years and have traveled all over the world seeking inspiration for my work. My passion spans from vast mountain landscapes to a delicate hummingbird, from the repetitive patterns of a fern to a gentle embrace of two zebras on the Serengeti. We all have a vivid memory of a special moment and my hope is that these pictures will bring the majesty and magic of that joyous moment back to you.