Twelve years ago, I left my career as a computer programmer to pursue writing. A couple of years after that I started to paint and I realized there were similarities between the two mediums. That the rhythm and balance of a well-designed sentence was like the rhythm and balance of paint on canvas, and like a good story, a painting evokes a feeling and a new way of seeing.

As I experimented I developed a style that incorporated several layers of paint and sanding the canvas. Each painting is a mystery to me as I never know where it will go or how it will turn out. This mystery is captured on the canvas in color and form. From this process I’ve learned to trust a higher intelligence that understands beauty in ways that are beyond me, and I’ve learned that expansion is inherent in beauty and feeling expansive, feels good. This is why I love to look at evolutionary art.

My approach to art can be summed up from a quote from the ancient text, the Tao Te Ching, or Book of the Way: The more knowledge you seek, the less you will understand.