Corporate Sponsorship

We invite you to participate in the creativity, inspiration, education, and outreach of the River Arts District Artists (RADA) in Asheville, North Carolina.

RADA is a 501c(6) non-profit corporation whose mission is to serve its artists and the Asheville community through resources, education and promotion of the arts.

RADA is funded by our artist and business members and our corporate sponsors, each enjoying symbiotic relationships from shared exposure and promotion. Our members and sponsors benefit from representation in our printed studio guides, 80,000 of which are distributed to businesses, hotels, B&B’s, visitor centers, artist studios, and chambers of commerce throughout Western North Carolina. Representation is also through our website, as well as both print and digital media. RADA’s website alone is currently viewed by over 30,000 visitors per month. And with the rapid growth of Asheville and its surrounding areas, this number is increasing daily.

Joining RADA as a corporate sponsor would place your business at the center of this growth and would help sustain and expand the River Arts District’s iconic aspect of Asheville’s culture.

Corporate sponsorship is available at four levels of support with varying degrees of benefits. Sponsorship would not only drive customers to your business but can also make possible the expansion of the arts into teaching opportunities and outreach to the community, making the arts more easily accessible to all. Corporate sponsorship also gives RADA the ability to hire a graphic designer and a business coordinator, raising the bar on efficiency and professionalism within our organization.

We hope you consider joining RADA as a corporate sponsor and becoming an integral part of Asheville’s unique and vibrant arts community within the River Arts District.

2022 Corporate Sponsorship Packages

Details about the 2022 benefits listed in the sponsorship levels are described below.

• 2022 Studio Guide RADA publishes 80,000 Studio Guides annually and distributes them to businesses, hotels, B&B’s, visitor centers, artist studios, and chambers of commerce throughout Western North Carolina. Corporate Sponsors receive prominent placement of their logo/message in a dedicated section of the Studio Guide.
RAD Banners. Over 100 utility pole banners featuring RADA artwork adorn the RAD, helping visitors navigate among our 20+ buildings. Sponsored banners credit sponsoring organization and feature art by River Arts District Artists members.
• RADA website at
RADA’s website is currently visited 30,000+ times per month. And with the rapid growth of Asheville and the surrounding areas, this number is on the rise. Corporate Sponsors receive representation on the website in multiple locations, with links to the sponsor’s own website.
• RADA social media Daily updates to RADA’s Facebook and Instagram pages include regular promotions and event announcements for our Corporate Sponsors.
• RADA email newsletters Newsletters are emailed to our subscribers with information about activities within the RAD, including promotions and event announcements for our Corporate Sponsors.
• RADA Special Events Special events take place throughout the year in the RAD, including our regular and highly attended Second Saturdays and our November Studio Stroll Weekend. These events, and many others, draw tens of thousands of patrons to the area, benefitting not only the artists but all businesses associated with RADA. Hundreds of posters announcing our events are distributed throughout the area and events are promoted through print and digital media. The logos of our Corporate Sponsors are prominent in all RADA promotions for special events.
• RADA Sketchpad. This year we are re-launching the popular “Sketchy” notepad featuring photos and histories of all the buildings in the River Arts District alternating with blank sketch pages. Pages will also be dedicated to Corporate Sponsor ads based on the sponsorship level. These notepads will be for sale to visitors at studios throughout the District.
• Print promotions. RADA is often featured in print media throughout Western North Carolina, and very regularly in the Asheville area. We are happy to share the limelight of these opportunities with our Corporate Sponsors by encouraging publishers to recognize their invaluable contribution to enriching our community through support of the arts.
• Monthly print advertising. Print advertising will include the logo of Patron level supporters.

For more information, please contact:
Cindy Chenard
[email protected]

Corporate Sponsorship may be paid by check, through a payment plan, or a lump sum. Donations may be made here.

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