Available Studios

Available Nov. 1, 2019. Space available for one working artist in two person 420 s.f. studio. Working studio and retail space, street level, lots of foot traffic. Regular posted open hours are a requirement in the lease. $425 a month includes utilities. Sunny, heated, wi-fi, no A/C, private bathroom. Includes an exterior display window and 2 large closets. Established studio/business of 6+ years. Would like to be open 7 days a week and each artist sells for the other when the other is not there. I am in the studio Tue-Sat or Wed-Sun. I’m looking for someone who can be there on Mondays year round, Sundays (approx. Jan-Feb, May-Nov), some Tuesdays, and then 0 to 2 days Wed-Sat, or mornings on those days. Email onge13 [at] gmail (dot) com for more info.