COLLAGE: Cut, Paste, Create! With Bridget Benton

Wednesday, September 6TH (10AM-5PM ET), $145 includes all materials, but students are encouraged to bring more! Go beyond the vision board and stretch your creative muscles in this collage class! […]

AMAZING ALCOHOL INKS with Robyn Crawford

Thursday, August 24th (10AM – 2:30PM ET) 2023, $145 includes all materials. From soft and wispy, to bold and vibrant, alcohol inks are an adventure in color! Come learn the […]

Abstract painting in Oil & Cold wax

Two to three-day workshop where artists explore the genre of Oil and Cold Wax to create intriguing and complex abstract works using a variety of layering, texture building and mark […]

Collaborative Painting Sessions

Award winning artist Jeff Snell is offering personalized instruction based out of his studio in the River Arts District, Asheville. In just a few days you’ll take home a gallery […]

Bearded Workshop

This is a weekend workshop culminating in an improv show! Since 2006, The Bearded Company have been taking audiences on fully improvised adventures. In 2014, the Beards expanded their reach […]

Metalsmithing 101

Want to learn to make jewelry? This beginner-friendly metalsmithing course teaches the basics skills involved in making your own jewelry. Learn to use a variety of tools and equipment common […]