My feet are firmly planted on two continents. I grew up in a small town on the West Coast of Norway, nearby the city of Ålesund, and I am currently living in Asheville, North Carolina (USA) where I have spent most of my adult life.
My two «homes» are both characterized by expansive mountain ranges and strong traditions of crafty people. It has given me a fluctuating sense of being rooted and uprooted at the same time, a fertile ground for exploration and questioning.

My art career started as a weaver in Norway, but in 1998 I received a Bachelor Degree of Fine Art in Painting from the University of North Carolina, Asheville and have since continued to explore mixed media painting.

In my latest series, the shapes of mountains have moved to the foreground. The landscapes of my paintings are often inspired by specific locations, but are internal landscapes in their essence. I am intrigued by the emotional response that the landscape evokes, and the questions it brings up about belonging and identity.

The textured surfaces in my paintings are created by combining a collage of embossed paper and layering of acrylic paint which results in a very durable surface. The papers I prefer to use are paintable wallpapers. Incorporating something intended for domestic use and bringing it into the realm of fine art gives the finished painting a connection to everyday life, although the spirit of my art is loftier. My goal is to communicate the feeling of peace and wellness that I find in the natural environment.