Cathy Nichols is a full-time mixed media artist, oracle card designer and the author of Storytelling Art Studio: Visual Expressions of Character, Mood and Theme in Mixed Media. For many years, you may have also seen Cathy’s paintings on Sherpani's Modern Vintage line of Elements handbags and in REI stores worldwide.

Cathy first fell in love with symbol and story while completing her MA in Literature, and she adores teaching others to use these tools in her “Create Your Own Oracle Deck” and “Oracle Joy” online courses! In her own art practice, Cathy specializes in colorful, narrative paintings created with bits and pieces of cut paper, text and acrylic paint. Her signature style includes highly detailed florals combined with other elements to celebrate stories of love, hope and resilience. She is known for her layered magical realist mixed media pieces.

While originally from NY, you can find Cathy’s studio at 221 Riverview Station in Asheville, NC where she lives with her family.