Much of my work depicts beginnings and endings of seasons, or years or even days, the gloaming, dawning, dusk, bright moonlit nights, the thresholds of both birth and death. I am inspired by mythology and the power of the imagination, to know a kind of truth that runs far deeper than that which is tested. I consider the extraordinary nature of Earth, its geology and botany and its making and remaking of itself, as well as our place in the Universe. More often it is the crossing of the vital points that I have felt deeply aware of being alive and most creative and inspired. Giving birth to my daughter and standing by those loved ones who have died has given me a critical and lasting sense of the tenderness and vividness of our actuality. My paintings are my effort not to forget these places and how extraordinary life is. I endeavor to express my love of Earth and in my romanticism, I actively invite the viewer to consider where we are and to remember all that has gone before us, and to bring us to this moment.