Even before Fariba studied art, Mixed Media was her favorite medium. Her Mixed Media Collages are often surrealistic with symbolism. She creates them with thought, serious topics - loss, love, vulnerability and making sense of a dysfunctional world.

Her vibrant paintings have a flow on canvas. They are vivid and expressive in a dynamic and colorful way, sometimes abstract and sometimes figurative.

With her work she illustrates the opposing forces of light and dark through a deeply personal and intimate lens. Fariba creates her collages by cutting and tearing pieces of images from magazines, rearranging them to explore her feelings and express her emotions visually. People discover more and more symbolism the deeper they sink into her work. Many times Fariba starts the process with an image she finds that speaks to her soul and then she gets to work; letting that image interact with other pieces. At some point in the process all the different parts begin to communicate with each other resulting in harmony or drama perhaps. The use of pencils, markers, paint and ink add depth and life to her work. Fariba’s abstract paintings always include all sort of different pieces of paper as well.