I am originally from Denmark, but since 1996 I have lived outside my mother country. In the UK, various places in the United States, and for a couple of years, on the tropical island of Guam. I am now settled with my family in Hendersonville, NC.

Creating has always been in my blood. Mostly by drawing and painting, and always in a figurative form. Storytelling has been my main focus and interest from the beginning, and always with a special interest in the female portrait.

Over the years, I have gone through pencils, charcoal, collage, oil and acrylic paint. Then, a few years ago my focus turned to thread and fabric. This happened soon after moving to the Appalachian Mountains. There’s not necessarily a connection. Just simply a new environment and different surroundings, which pushed my work in a new direction. This has been a clear tendency, with every move to a new place in the world.

My work is a combination of machine appliqué and hand embroidery, often with thread. Canvas is often the base for my pieces.

I’m always hunting for stories to tell, for strong motives, interesting narratives and just the right color and texture combinations. I enjoy the hunt immensely, and it’s always a glorious moment when idea, motive and fabric come together.