Based in Asheville, NC, Jack Henry came to painting in 2014 after finding himself surrounded by an incredibly talented group of painter friends whose cajoling to pick up a brush finally paid off. So began a passionate dive into various picture-making media, ultimately leading to a love of oil painting a range of subjects from portraits and landscapes to the surreal.

Coming from a background in studying Anthropology, Sociology and Philosophy, Jack loves to tell stories that speak to the human experience on this earth and beyond, drawing from a rich variety of cultural and historical imagery from around the globe. Along his journey, he has been blessed to learn and grow in a hugely supportive community of wildly talented painters, who have been so willing to share their talents and wisdom. His style is influenced by many of these contemporary artists who he has been able to extensively watch and learn from, such as Annie Bennett, Dillon Endico, Blais Bellenoit and Emily Kell, as well as by the work of masters like visionary artist Alex Grey, surrealist Salvador Dali, fantastic realists Robert Venosa & Ernst Fuchs, and classical masters from the 1400's and forward: Heironymous Bosche, DaVinci, Caravaggio and Rembrandt.