Inspired by the visual stories of things like peeling layers of wallpaper or an old tree in the forest, I strive to evoke those same feelings in my paintings. Growing up in rural New Hampshire I spent my childhood immersed in the observation and deep love of the woods and wild spaces. When I paint I am always drawing from that deep well of awe I fostered from that time.
Working with layers of old papers, fabric, and textured ground gives my oil paintings a base layer that has a richness and a visible history. The imagery in my paintings is inspired by the flora and fauna of the Eastern US and personal and ancient symbology. My paintings walk the line between magical realism and abstract, and they explore our emotional and physical sense of place in this world.

In addition to my large scale paintings, my husband Alex and I have a jewelry business which features miniature prints of my more illustrative work. You can check out our collection at