Throughout my life, three passions have driven me: spirituality, psychology, and art, even before I could articulate them. As one aspect of my being evolves, the others inevitably follow suit. My journey has been one of understanding life, consciousness, and people, and expressing this profound comprehension through my artistry.

From my early years when my art leaned towards realism, to later explorations in the realm of imagination, and then into the realm of formlessly abstract expression, my artistic evolution has been a testament to the ever-shifting landscapes of my inner world. In the past two years, my art has embraced a synthesis of all these influences, resulting in a body of work that transcends boundaries and incorporates the essence of everything I have encountered along the way.

My artistic education includes formal training as an art major in college, followed by immersive studies at prestigious institutions such as the San Francisco Art Institute and the Art Students League in NYC. Over the years, my work has been showcased in exhibitions across California, Florida, and North Carolina, and I've garnered recognition through competition wins and features in esteemed publications like International Artist Magazine.

In parallel with my artistic endeavors, my spiritual journey has been equally profound. Leading groups and facilitating retreats on Awakening for many years, I've recently authored two books, "Boundless" and "From the Heart of Boundless," delving into the depths of spiritual exploration and self-discovery.

My latest artistic venture involves working with Gouache on Watercolor paper, a medium that allows me to blend my expertise in landscape portrayal, human and animal forms, abstraction, composition, color, and form. Each piece begins with an intricate drawing process, consuming about 5 to 6 hours, followed by the layering of colors which brings the painting to life. I revel in portraying the interconnectedness of all forms, often depicting one morphing into another, mirroring the profound truth of existence. My art speaks to the viewer on a spiritual level, inviting them to contemplate the deeper realities beyond mere appearances, awakening to their true nature—open, free, and infinitely curious, transcending all forms yet embracing them all.

In experiencing my artwork, I hope viewers embark on a transformative journey, discovering the boundless potential within themselves and connecting with the vast universe that surrounds us all.