I am a strong believer that surrounding yourself with beautiful things you love makes for a happier life. I take inspiration in creating my pots from some of my favorite things in nature - a beautiful sunset, these majestic mountains I’ve been lucky to call home my whole life, the moon, or a little chickadee at my bird feeder. A lover of global decor & textiles, I am equally as inspired by patterns and colors used in art around the world. 

I make both functional and fun pieces for you and your home that bring joy and connection and elevate the everyday. My hope is that my pottery serves as an invitation to savor life's simple pleasures, whether it's sipping a comforting cup of coffee alone or gathering with loved ones for shared meals…Transforming routine moments into cherished experiences and making homes feel warmer and daily rituals more enriching.

I use a combination of wheel thrown and hand built techniques, and often use wax resist to create designs that showcase the texture of the raw clay. I work with an iron bearing stoneware clay, high fired at cone 10 in a gas kiln reduction environment.