Art Garden is an artist-run gallery and plant paradise, featuring 30+ local artists on two floors, with 4 studios, 2 exhibition spaces, and an outdoor garden for gathering and growing. A gallery with green thumbs, featuring flora and fine art!!

Studio Artists: Annie Kyla Bennett, Jack Henry, Dillon Endico, Trish Salmon, Cynthia Llanes, UCB+Youth Arts Empowered, Cleaster Cotton, Tarah Singh, Skwerl, The Moth Queen Botanica, Alex Stilber

Displaying Artists: Annie Kyla Bennett, Jack Henry, Dillon Endico, Medicine Heart Murals, A Quartzy Life, Abacus Corvus, Alex Stilber, Anna Bryant, Bennett Glass Art, Bevelyn Afor Ukah, Brandon Love, Caroline Dougherty, Carolina Lebar, Claywork by Hand: Trish Salmon, Cleaster Cotton, Cynthia Llanes, Eclectic Collectics, Gavinger, Glassical Creations, Grateful Woodwork, Grayson L. Manning, Grumpy Dwarf Pottery, Hannah Bunzey, Haw Creek Forge, Ila Alexei, Ivy Dolamore, Jennifer Murphy, Jina Mendez Martin, Kate Elle Art, Kaysha Siemens, KG Botanica, Kyndra Sweep, Liberation Tools, Line by Line Macrame, Little Ray of Light Design, Madalyn McLeod, Makko, Maya Sozer, Melissa Moss, Mirna Richards, Mudventions, New Face Every Day, Nikoli Shaver, Paper Plant Press, Patchwork Underground, Purple Planet Studios: Cynthia Potter, Soulful Simone, Stretching in Public, Sydney Williams, The Fiber Phoenix, The Moth Queen, Treleaf, Trollbinde, Vine and Frond, Wayne E. Berstein

Upcoming Events: