The Village Potters Clay Center is a Creative, Collaborative Community with a mission to nurture an ideal work space and culture for freedom in creative exploration and expression. The Village Potters houses the working studios of seven masterful professional potters. They are Sarah Wells Rolland, Judi Harwood, Lori Theriault, Julia Mann, Katie Meili Messersmith, and Caroline Renee Woolard. Their work is available in a fine craft gallery on site, and The Village Potters also have a fully equipped Teaching Center providing ongoing classes in wheel, hand building, and specialty classes in Raku, sculpture, surface design, and jewelry making for the beginning, intermediate, and advanced student. The Independent Study and Mentoring (ISM) Program offers a directed mentorship program for the developing potter, in a non-traditional/relational experience. The Village Potters Clay Center is an authorized distributor for Laguna Clay, and is an Educational Member of the Craft Guild of the Southern Highlands.