Caylin Paige found her love to create art at a young age. Her first big piece of art was a green crayon line that extended across her mother’s whole entire bedroom. Once Caylin Paige made it to 3 years old she began to learn simple shapes related to faces. Almonds make eyes, hearts can make lips, and L’s can make noses. She progressed to drawing cartoon people, with a focus on female faces. This would grow into a love of drawing people. She spent time in High School drawing her favorite musical artists, and drew album covers from her favorite bands. She took all of the regular Advanced Art classes that inner-city schools could offer. When she made it to Community College she tried out photography and began painting classes. With inspiration from her photography she began painting her own photos in acrylic and oil paint. This inspired her to become a Painting Major when she began school at the University of Tennessee.

While attending University she began using her own photos of herself and family members to draw and paint their pictures. She found a job at Dollywood working as a Portrait Artist. After her first couple of months at Dollywood she was then trained on caricatures, Face Painting, and Hand Animals Painting. She excelled at caricatures and was promoted to Lead Caricature Artist. Caricatures would play a big role in her life for the next few years. She spent time working with charities and non-profits helping them raise money with her caricatures and face painting. All the while she was still pursuing her degree at the University. Caylin visited her first festival around the same time and became interested in Painting Live and becoming a vendor. In the fall of 2015, she began Live Painting at events at the Concourse and International music venues in Knoxville, TN.

She graduated from college in 2016 with a BFA in Painting. After college her and her partner decided to hit the road with their art. They traveled the country for a year and a half in a camper before making their home in North Carolina. Since moving to North Carolina Caylin Paige has had experience with: floral art for weddings, Wood burning, jewelry making, fusing glass , blowing glass, and flame-working glass. She has been professionally selling her art for many years now and is featured in galleries in the Asheville, NC area.

Caylin spends most of her time with her partner and their two dogs these days when she has downtime. She loves riding her motorcycle on sunny days when the weather is nice.