RADA’s Annual Theme

RADA’s Annual Theme: Who am I? Who are we?

During our Second Saturday Art Strolls, artists, galleries, and collectives will unveil their latest work based on the monthly prompt.

The River Arts District, known for its creativity and expression, aims to enhance the immersive experience for artists and visitors. Focusing on a prompt each month fosters a deeper connection between artists and audience, sparking meaningful conversations and cultural exchange.

The culmination of this exploration will be showcased during the Second Saturday Art Strolls, where participating artists exhibit their new works. Residents, tourists, and art enthusiasts are invited to celebrate creativity, diversity, and artistic expression.

Identity and community are core themes within 2024 and in the arts, especially in Asheville’s River Arts District. This year’s theme emphasizes these elements, reflecting the unique identity of Asheville, its artists, and fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration among residents and visitors.

Art plays a pivotal role in preserving cultural heritage and driving its evolution. In Asheville, the arts scene thrives on both traditional Appalachian forms and contemporary expressions, contributing to ongoing dialogues about the city’s cultural landscape, and so much more.

By centering on identity and community, we celebrate what makes the River Arts District special and acknowledge their significance in fostering meaningful artistic experiences and connections within our community.

April: Cycles of Nature / The Badlands by: Miriam Hughes

Participating Artists, Collectives, and Galleries

May: The Storm / Snow White by: Brit Oie

Digital Press