“Jewelry is more than a beautiful piece of art; it becomes a symbol of your history.”
– Jeffrey Burroughs

Jeffrey Burroughs, a visionary guided by curiosity, is a distinguished artist who consistently seeks the extraordinary. Hailing from a small Michigan farming and manufacturing community, Jeffrey is the product of creative parents and skilled grandmothers, instilling a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and imagination.

Raised in a small town, Jeffrey found solace in crafting their own beautiful world, escaping the challenges through the power of imagination. This early influence has profoundly shaped Jeffrey’s artistic journey.

Jeffrey specializes in creating fine jewelry that is not only distinctive and personal but also rich with history and symbolism. Drawing inspiration from the worlds of art, fashion, and design, they skillfully harness the spirit of the individual, seamlessly uniting it with the universe.

Relocating from New York City to Asheville, North Carolina, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jeffrey, accompanied by their husband, Jason, and rescue dogs Jak and Fox, found a new artistic haven in the mountains after a Google search for “Top 10 Mountain Towns.”

Currently serving as the President of the River Arts District Artists, Jeffrey is in the process of establishing a working studio, adding to the existing gallery featuring their work in the River Arts District, and Gallery Mélange downtown.

Beyond the realm of jewelry design, Jeffrey employs an eclectic sense of fashion as a vehicle for self-expression. With a passion for style, luxury, and the avant-garde, they create fine jewelry that is edgy yet sophisticated, modern yet timeless, androgynous and inclusive – each piece as unique as its wearer.

From the initial touch of the pencil to the final adornments, Jeffrey is un-waveringly committed to maintaining the highest standards in fine jewelry production. The JB emblem itself transforms into the shape of a diamond, symbolizing their dedication to beauty and quality.

Jeffrey’s collections are universal yet deeply representative of their individual journey. Fusing ancient tradition with dazzling modernity, they create wearable art characterized by the use of rich precious metals and superb precious and semi-precious stones. These exquisite creations are executed with precision, embodying a repertoire that is simultaneously sexy, mysterious, luxurious, and refined. Jeffrey Burroughs stands as a beacon in the world of fine jewelry, where each piece is not just an accessory but a narrative of artistry and individuality.