Jeffrey, The Jewel of Asheville, can be found gracing the pages of editorials worldwide including: Vogue, Rolling Stone, ELLE, ID Magazine, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, NY Magazine's The Cut, Shon!, Mojeh, The Know, DSection and KINDA. They also have been featured on the likes of many celebrities from Beyonce to Cardi B to Miley Cyrus, on Time's Square Billboards, Red Carpets, Award Ceremonies, Runway Shows, TV Shows, and Films.

They are an eccentric visionary storyteller who is ruled by curiosity and seeks the extraordinary. Raised in a small farming and manufacturing community in Michigan, they are the product of creative parents and crafty grandmothers. Growing up in a small town had its challenges, so Jeffrey often escaped to a beautiful world crafted from their imagination.

Their eclectic use of fashion is the vehicle for their self-expression. They have a passion for style, luxury and the avant-garde.

Their collections are universal, yet represent their journeys. Jeffrey fuses ancient tradition with dazzling modernity to create wearable art characterized by the use of rich precious metals and superb precious and semi-precious stones. These beautiful objects are executed with precision in an evolving repertoire that is sexy, mysterious, luxurious and refined.

While Jeffrey still has their studio in New York City's Diamond District, they moved to Asheville in the fall of 2020, site unseen, after 20 years in New York City. Jeffrey has fallen in love with Asheville and lives here with their husband and two rescue dogs.