Hello friends and art lovers! During this time of uncertainty, I am currently not working at Trackside studio in the River Arts District, but instead I am painting and creating more artwork from my home studio in Fairview, NC. Please contact me directly at art@jaimebyrd.com if you would like to come visit my home studio and view what artwork I have available while socially distancing. Thank you!

Influenced by nature, travel, other artists, and the colors of Mexico, Jaime’s paintings are sometimes explosive with color and texture and at other times filled with moody muted tones. Her creative process is mostly intuitive and she loves the playfulness and lighting effects of oil paints mixed with cold wax medium. Building up multiple thick layers of paint on wood panels, canvas, and paper, she creates fields of texture and depth by then working back into the layers revealing different color combinations that are beneath the top surfaces.

“My current paintings feel like a type of abstract place or specific landscape, but they have little to do with real places. Using my mood and emotions to guide me through an intuitive process, I sometimes feel like I’ve been in these places before, or perhaps will be someday.

After years at working as a filmmaker and cinematographer, I have always used light as a key element in my work. Oil paint with cold wax medium allows for me to use light in ways I had never been able to before. I am always working at bringing both color and contrast into my work while creating something soothing and a way to calm the mind.”
-Jaime Byrd