Contemporary Artist
Oil and cold wax paintings, some are merged with AR (Augmented Reality) Technology. The AR experience brings my paintings to life with animation, motion, film, and soundscape design by viewing my artwork with a free online app. NFTs are also available.

I have been studying and creating art my entire life and was a student of fine art and design in Southern California. I am greatly inspired by impressionist masters like Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, and Paul Gauguin as well as expressionism artists like Vincent van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, and many others. I have worked as a jeweler for more than 20 years, and then moved into filmmaking which took me to working on movie sets. I spent 5 years traveling around the globe filming and editing projects for a number of clients.

After 15 years in the film world, I have now managed to merge my love of both painting and filmmaking by creating AR (Augmented Reality) components to my physical oil and cold wax paintings. The AR creations I make are also available as NFTs (non fungible tokens). My artwork can be found in collections around the world including permanent collections in the US, Canada, England, Serbia, Austria, Ireland, Indonesia, South Africa, and Mexico.

Besides painting, I love cooking, good tequila, animals, and international travel.

My paintings are inspired by nature, travel, and the colors of Appalachia, Europe, and Mexico. I create my artwork using cold wax (a beeswax and resin based medium), oil paint, pigments, wood ash, sand, and other materials. I choose these materials for their willingness to be transformed, both in form and texture, making it a perfect medium to allow me to explore and dig back into the layers revealing more color and light beneath the top surfaces. It is also color and texture that I use as a way to provoke strong emotions. I use color to sometimes instill calmness, desire, or tension. Light and architecture play an important part in how I create a sense of place and hopefully it’s these places where a viewer can connect, discover, explore, and take on a journey.

Currently, I am exploring how new technology can be used to actively engage the viewer. I have been a storyteller for most of my life and my artwork is no different. My paintings can now tell an additional story using AR (augmented reality) components including video, soundscape design, and other digital and animated elements.

I am often available for a private showing or meeting by appointment. Follow me on Instagram at www.Instagram.com/jaimebyrd