Maya Sozer, based in Asheville, NC, is an abstract painter captivated by the beauty of nature. Using natural materials and acrylic ink, she creates marks and textures that reflect the organic movements found in the natural world.

With a background in visual art from the Art Institute in Sunnyvale, California, Maya initially pursued a career in editorial illustration and photography. However, her passion for painting gradually led her to become an abstract painter.

Maya's love for the outdoors influences her artistic process. She often immerses herself in natural settings, allowing the essence and spirit of nature to guide her work. Through her art, Maya aims to foster a sense of connectedness with oneself.

She shares her art and her process on her Instagram @mayasozerart
You are welcome to meet her and see her art in person by appointment at her studio located in River Arts District, Riverview Station Building, 191 Lyman Street, Suite #218 , Asheville, NC.

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