Abstract Art
I’m, Eric Moore , Originally from Chicago , Illinois , I grew up in Bowling Green , Kentucky.
Im a Nationally ranked choreographer and owned and operated Cheermoore Athletics , a cheerleading training facility in Brentwood, Tennessee ..
In 2015 I had a complete come apart . My mom and dad passed away and I went into a bad place and could barely function . Someone encouraged me to paint as therapy to see if it would help. it changed my life . painting was the only thing I could do to make me feel ok. I fell in love!.
Life changing moments in life can redirect a persons path to new beginnings . Im thankful ! . Im on a Mission! Im unstoppable.
Can you find the clover?
I place a 4 leaf clover in each piece of art is in honor of my mom , Sandra “Sandy “ So now my mother is on all my art . So each one of my paintings will have a piece of my mom that lived on in me and makes others happy.Being able to Paint means the world to me. It’s an outlet for your thoughts and feelings.

Eric Moore