Ceramic work designed to enrich your immediate environment with the essence of nature. Each piece, or song, is evocative of Jillian's spiritual connection to the natural world. She listens to the music as played by leaves, seed pods, the clay itself, and so on…nature, and a knowing of it through all six senses. Her favorite pieces are those that seem to create themselves. They have an energy all their own and draw her into a process she has little control over beyond technical ability. Like walking in the woods, she chooses a path that appeals to her at the time and follows it through to its natural conclusion…more as an appreciative spectator than composer.

When you choose a piece of artwork because it “sings” to you, the song is also about you. The attributes of a piece that attract you to it are the attributes of your own creativity. And so you walk together with the artist in the process of bringing a shared expression of natural beauty to the world. Nature as a whole is the song of life. It feels real and precious and grounding. Open your heart, feel the clay in your hands, and sing!

Regular studio hours. Meet the artist by appointment.